Monday, March 8, 2010

The Beautifully Brilliant Zanita shoots for ACME REPLAY, Styling By Olivia @ ACME REPLAY...

Zanita and I had been trying to tee up a day when we didn't have to shoot or do castings to have a bit of fun styling and shooting. Thankfully we got some beautiful shots through the wind and the rain.
It was amazing having a fellow model directing me from behind the camera. She was easily the most stunningly beautiful photographer and knew exactly how to get the most beautiful images.

Styling By Olivia @ ACME REPLAY: Pieces From Style Stalker, Bonds, Ksubi, Office Shoes London, Top Shop London, American Apparel, Dr. Martens Boots, Individual Vintage Pieces. Photographed and Edited by ZANITA 


  1. you are really, incredibly beautiful! and these photos are amazing, could easily be in the pages of a magazine. i think your blog is really lovely and that you are a face to watch!

    xx come visit!

  2. you guys make a really efficient collaboration

  3. wow my dear - you total BABE! you look gorgeous! Zanita is so great to work with I much agree! congrats! loveeee the styling too.

    xx Bel

  4. beautiful photos! love this collab with zanita :))

  5. you look gorgeous, i love the mix of mysterious and sexy. zanita's photography is amazing as well. and i am drooling over the blouse in the first photo!


  6. so G O R G E O U S girl.

    the shots are incredible ( zanita is the best!) + the styling is incredible.

    what an amazing team.
    i would love to work with zanita ! seriously amazing.


  7. beautiful pics!! you look amazing! zanita did such a good job, she's getting really good at photography!!!

  8. these are gorgeous!! amazing job!

  9. beautiful pictures - beautiful girl - beautiful clothes - well done!!
    really like the shots from 'the moon' post too!

  10. cute blog!
    I opened a new fashion blog too, I hope u'll be one of my followers:-)

  11. Amazing shots! I love Zanita's work!

    Just came across your blog!

    It is lovely!

  12. wowee.

    Can I ask where the briefs in the first photo are from?

    Simply beautiful.

    thank you

  13. so stoked you've started this blog, i love it already.. am more or less in love with zanita so usually anything she's been a part of i just have to see (: hope to see more!!! you're stunning... hopefully one day will be good/recognised enough to be able to work with the likes of you two (: